There are some dogs that are both gorgeous, and they are good, and this is one of them.

And besides being beautiful and good, he is also very young, essentially a puppy, fresh, fresh and new to this world.

And as is usually the case in nature, the law of universal harmony insists on taking something away from you, just so that you are not perfect. So in Mateo harmony took away his hearing.

He is deaf.

He was found as a stray in the heat in the summer when he was just three months old, dehydrated and on the verge of heat stroke.

He has something of Setter (maybe a lot of Setter) and he has something else of his own, and that combination happened to be ideal and made him incredibly good looking.

His white is white, its black is not exactly black but gray ashen and coat of the soft puppy, neither long nor very short. 

He's a sweet, cheerful baby, who has dog friends and human friends and loves life and all that life has to offer.