Menelaos was one of the first dogs we saw in the public pound of Sparta, tied from the back side, where the sun never shines.

Large fences, with soil and feces everywhere, some dog houses and dogs chained to the edges. So much loneliness we do not know how it is tolerated by a dog. Nor so much restriction 24 hours a day.

Menelaos can enjoy a few hours of freedom now, and he can't get enough of going back and forth, running, smelling, doing what he knows how to do best like a hound that he is. When he calms down and comes for caresses, he changes completely, and when you don't expect it, he lets you smoosh him, squeeze him and enjoy him.

He recently went with the volunteers to a training center, probably for the first time in his life, and he did very well. He was so different there, with his harness, with his smile, he learned a new command, and he responded very well. And this is commendable.

Melenaeos is generally commendable, because despite the life he has lived so far, he has a pet dog, a companion dog and a friend in him. He is a very social dog, he is friendly and cheerful, and he is a good dog. He's a sweetie. You can't tell at first glance, but he's sweet.

Despite what he has been through, he is balanced, and now enjoys the life he has in the shelter, but he would be much happier in a home, with a family of his own.

VIDEO of his story