Mina is a sweet, shy girl. When she first came she was hesitant and shy, and to all the new things she saw, experienced, and felt, she reacted with a subtle shyness, which nevertheless allowed her to be functional, to go for a walk, to indulge in a caress.

She opens up little by little, in her own way and in her own time, but it does open up.

If you come see her, maybe take a walk around looking at you from afar. She will act as if she smells around, as if she is strolling here and there, but she will keep you in mind. When you are not looking she will look at you, when you look at her she will pretend as if she looks elsewhere.

After a while she will get closer, smelling something around you.. Then she will get even closer, she will sniff somthing next to you, she will sniff you, you will gently caress her, and she will like her, but more so she will look shy too happy.

Mina is a very kind-hearted creature, a tiny, short Greek hunting dog, who has a lot of love to give, and who deserves a lot of love to receive.