When he first arrived with his brother, they both looked old. Mange and hunger had made two puppies who should have been like two flowers about to blossom look like old dogs, both in appearance and behavior, as if they were tired of life.

We promised to give them back their lost childhood. The older they got and recovered, the younger they would look, so we named them Benjamin and Button. And that is what happened.

Button started looking like a puppy again. He finally got out of the clinic and started learning to play with toys, be happy and enjoy what a puppy should enjoy.

He chews on his toys in a way he enjoys them, and doesn't ruin them — at least not very quickly. The more he becomes a puppy again, the more his character begins to show, and from a frightened creature that he was, he becomes a confident, sociable and a typical playful puppy. 

He is a very sweet dog, and he learns the world little by little with a freshness and tender kindness, which makes him adorable.