He's gorgeous. Black hound, which came when it was a trickle, thin as a feather, with a coat incredibly glossy and smooth, which was like caressing velvet. 

Nelson is a pitch-black, velvety dog, sociable and loving and funny. He goes for a walk and his long legs sway elegantly and it's as if he's walking lightly. A lot of times he goes nose to the ground, looking for smells like he commands him to do his DNA, and he fools around with his sister, and digs holes in the ground, and he curls himself, and he comes to cuddle and do all these puppy things that we love in dogs of this age. 

When he's focused and you're holding a treat, he does the sit down and looks you in the eye with that puppy who wants to be a good kid. 

He is a puppy very pleasant to watch, and very pleasant to spend time with.