They say a picture is a thousand words, but sometimes, there are not enough words in the world to tell the true story of a photo. Noel's transformation seems impressive, but what almost killed her was not mange, but the distemper, a nightmare that kills over 50% of the dogs that get infected. A huge effort was made by our veterinarian to save her life, and he succeeded.

For months after her recovery, there was a huge effort by all of us to heal her soul, but Noel was a puppy that never managed to overcome all those things that scared her, she did not manage to understand a world that treated her so badly from so early on, nor to trust people.

She lives free in the shelter, approaches with curiosity every time someone comes, stops at two meters and barks with fear and anxiety, as if she is warning you not to approach her more than she can handle. Some wounds, in some dogs, never heal. It's wounds that are not seen in photos and cannot be described in one paragraph. They are hiding so deep inside, that you are never allowed to access them, and heal them.