Imagine the ultimate sense of softness, tenderness and serenity. Imagine something that makes you feel calm, peaceful, and at the same time in love. And now to this something add a soft coat, two eyes full of love, and a beating heart. This is Peggy, and that's how she's going to make you feel every hour and moment.

She is an incredibly tender dog. She is one of the few dogs that likes to be hugged from the front, putting your cheek next to hers, as if she were human.

We met her in our latest TNR program. She came as a stray. She was number three. She would sit in her crate and look at us with those eyes, and around her there was an overflow of love and peace, so much so that every time we passed in front of her it was as if we were overwhelmed by a wave of calmness and freshness. We could not let such an animal go out into the street. We really loved her from the very first moment. 

We took her on her first walk on a leash, and there, while we were having the TNR program, she learned to walk on a leash for the first time in three minutes. Her trust in people made her immediately understand what she had to do, and this trust will allow her to become the best pet. The most loyal, the most tender, the most wonderful pet.

Peggy is looking for an everlasting hug. She is a rare dog, one of those few who see and adore you at first sight, just because you're human.