If we had a child draw an angel in the form of a dog, he would probably end up making a painting that would look like Barney. It really is as if he is angelically created, and what you see in his appearance is what this dog has in him.

He has this almost fairytale-like kindness, which seems made up. This dog is an angel. He is essentially blind, and this instead of making him more skeptical, has made him even more kind and sweet. Perhaps because he hardly sees anything, he has made a picture of the world similar to the one that suits him. So beautiful, and so soft.

He follows you and even if he does not see you, he comes when you call him even if he does not see where you are, he walks next to you on a leash even if he has no idea where you are taking him, because he trusts you so much, that the sound of your voice reaches him, and he follows what he hears. A human voice that he can't help but trust. 

He is a wonderful creature, completely ethereal. As if it is not made of flesh and bones, but of ether. He enjoys being petted and talked to for hours, and this way, using his two senses, he creates an image of you in his mind, which is the most beautiful you could imagine.

Barney is looking for a home and a family, and in return he has absolute love to give.