Victor came from the public pound of Sparta, together with his three sisters. 
These four little dogs  suffered perhaps more than any other animal there. Not because they were in worse conditions than the rest, not because they were sicker than others, but because their temperament could not stand the conditions at all, not for a minute. 

These dogs suffered mentally every hour and every moment, and they showed it with every movement of their bodies, with their every gaze. Injustice, terrorism and passive abuse seemed literally painted on their faces and bodies.

We thought they were puppies, but they are not. They are four adult puppies, tiny and young, probably siblings, and have the sensitivity and kindness of a toddler.

Of the four, Victor and one girl were from the beginning the most courageous. Timidly he began to approach us, smell us, began to wag his tail and be happy, and now he is incredibly joyful and sweet. 

VIDEO of his story