Jasmine is like a young daughter from an artistocratic clan whose family fell in poverty, and Jasmine grew up very poor.

However, despite the fact that she did not know wealth, luxuries and savoir vivre, something in her DNA, from generations and generations of nobles, has left her something aristocratic, which she cannot shed.

It shows in her body, it can be seen in her thin and long face, which does not look like the thick head of other hoops, it can be seen in the way she sits and looks, even in the way she cleans her nails.

When you come to see her, she will jump on you with joy and you will think that this dog has no manners at all. After a while she will calm down, it will be as if she suddenly remembered her manners and the kindness that her family would have taught her if she had not fallen.

And then you will see Jasmine for what she really is.

You will look at her, and instead of seeing her on the concrete, you will imagine her sitting on tufted expensive carpets, surrounded by furniture, paintings and decorations of immense value, velvet curtains hanging from the windows, and servants somewhere in the background.

This dog has something from a fairytale, we can not describe it differently. Her kindness is broken by a childishness that comes out to her when she gets excited, and that makes her even more interesting.

She is very affectionate, very hman centered, and very dignified, these adjectives characterize her.