Even when he was chained to the edge of the pubic pound of Sparta, all alone and thin, he had something imperious. We looked at him from a hole in the grid, and for a moment, it was as if he was the only dog in the world.

Angel is a dog of even-tempered, low energy, very quiet, very functional, cooperative and kind. 

It is ideal for people who want a quiet dog to go for quiet walks, and then relax with him at home. He is very tender, without requiring caresses. He sits down to be caressed, enjoys it incredibly, and relaxes so much that his eyes close and he almost sleeps upright. 

The most tender thing he does is that when you're next to him, he sometimes spreads his front leg and nudges you, gently and tenderly. 

He always does it on his walk, and we think he will be an easy and cooperative dog at home. At the shelter when he first arrived he needed a period of adjustment, just as we needed a period of adjustment until we understood him, because in the beginning he was a mystery dog. 

Ultimately he is not a mystery, he is just composed, and he has his own way of managing things and situations, which seems mysterious without being. He knows how to enjoy the moments he shares with you for who he is. He enjoys the walk for the walk, walks, smells and goes to the toilet, enjoys a stop in a park for relaxation, relaxation and contact, enjoys our company in the office for caresses, camaraderie and tranquility.