Albie is a very loving dog, very anthropocentric, and when he has human company and contact he is also a very happy dog. He believes in people, adores them and trusts them.

Spending time with his man, he transforms and his face shines. It's the dog that shows you how happy it is that you're together, as if trying to tell you in its own way. On the walk he turns to look at you, and sometimes he nudges your hand with his muzzle. 

He always makes contact, loves caresses, and is extremely obedient because all he cares about is how to communicate with you. 

Albie doesn't have a good time at the shelter. They are one of the dogs that the environment of the shelter does not suit them at all. He is incredibly stressed in the cage, and when he has exclusivity and calmness he transforms into a perfect creature. 

He doesn't understand the relationship he may have with other dogs. He hangs out with his sister Panacotta, but only with her. When he is near dogs with tension, he hides and does not stand it at all. Dogs at rest who do not incriminate him at all, he simply ignores them.

He is the dog that will never make dog friends because he does not need it, but dog contacts are bad for him. It is the dog that will be dedicated to its man, that will go out for walks with him, and whose happiness will be in family life.