Albie knows how to do various things, as most dogs his age do.

He knows how to have fun, play, run, sit, or not, etc. But the one main thing he knows how to do is smile.

Albie is as if he was born to smile. His mouth opens, his tongue sticks out, and the whole dog becomes a huge smile, so much so that he hardly lets you notice anything else.

If you come to see him for the first time, he will wait for you with such an enthusiasm as if you are his owner who was away on a trip for months.,

He will stand up on his two legs, and he will hug you and look you in the eye, and if he could speak he would say "where have you been for so long? I missed you." 

And you, while you should normally answer him "relax kid, we just met", you will be carried away by the smile, and you will start apologising for being away for so long, and telling him how much you missed him, and how you will never leave him again, and how from now on you will always be there for him and never leave his side.

He is a very friendly, very loving, very human centered, and a very happy puppy. He believes in people, adores them and trusts them.