Once upon a time, there was a German Shepherd (or something like that) and fell deeply in love with a Corgi (or something similar anyway). Their love was doomed, but before the society separated them, they managed to bring the fruit of their love into this world.


Having described Alfie's appearance, now let us tell you about his character. In most of his photos we want to stick the headline "They're coming" on it and next to it put an alien emoji, and make them posters for a science fiction movie - cartoon. He has a goggled look as he looks around, seeing something he's never seen before that looks alien, and makes his eyes huge (so huge they look disproportionately like the body he inherited from his dad the Corgi). 

Alfie has this look often, because there are many things he has never seen before. Little by little he learns the world, and slowly opens up. When he feels comfortable and relaxed, a very cute and very funny swagger comes out of him, he does something nasty of his own with a childish joy but also a little shy.

He is a sweet, good dog, who, no matter how much he is afraid, trusts people, and allows them as much as he can to teach him all these things he does not know. It's the dog that feels like it doesn't belong, but inside it wants to belong, and it shows. It shows in his micromovements, in his bravado and in his body.