Do you have a ball? Have a happy dog. She can play for hours with it.

You can just sit down, without getting tired, throw it, and she will run to catch it. Once, twice, fifteen times. If you have a ball with a rope, you can also sit, hold it on one side, and she will pull it on the other with all her strength. As much strengh as she has anyway, since the whole dog is the size of a medium bag.

Barbie is such a tiny Epagneul Breton, and whatever she lacks in size, she makes up for it in personality.

Although she seems crazy, she has lived in a home, and she knows how to behave there. She is quiet, good, sweet. She goes for walks, comas back, eats, sits on her bed and loves having company.

She does not cope very well with loneliness. This is what we know at least until now, from the one and only home in which she has lived in. These thngs change with the change of environment, or if they do not change, they can be corrected. 

Barbie is a brilliant little dog, and we believe there's nothing she can't learn. As a dog that has already lived in a home for a long time, there are things that she already knows, and things that she will have to learn from the beginning, as long as someone is willing and able to guide her.