Batman grew up with us since he as a baby, with a lot of care and a lot of love. He was adopted, and returned to the shelter months later, with a yellow collar with the badge of the batman (what else), and with his magnificent ears lowered, quite confused.

He has begun to adapt again - the shelter is the place where he grew up anyway, so he'll find his way around, however it is not the ideal place for this dog, and even more so now, who has learned to live in a home with a family. 

The reasons he returned have nothing to do with the dog, and we are not at all interested in mentioning them. Batman is very young, and has all his life ahead of him to live with a family that respects him, that understands him, and that loves him truly, and forever, not just for a few months. 

He is a beautiful, confident and intelligent dog. And intelligent dogs like him, can very easily be misunderstood if they do not have the right people next to them. With a daily routine, proper exercise and some basic training that will help Batman understand how to live in harmony with people, he can become the perfect pet.