Dionysus found himself in a suburb of Athens called Dionysus, circulating alone. We opened the car and he jumped in, sat in the back seat and didn't move until we got to the vet. 

While he waited at the vet he was a dog, he was sitting cross-legged, and it was really as if we had brought our own dog for tests, which we had trained. 

And Dionysus as we suspected at first, and as we found out afterwards, has gone through training. It's not that he's just learned some "sit" etc. commands from his owner. He has done basic obedience from a professional, and it shows as soon as you put a leash on him. 

He walks perfectly, he knows a change of course, he knows basic commands like sitting and lying down even when there is panic around him, in a shelter with dogs barking, and wandering both outside his cage and inside it. 

His basic training has become second nature to him, and it's really sad that this dog that someone spent money and time on didn't look for, even though he had thousands of shares when he was first found. 

He is a wonderful, beautiful and intelligent dog, who really can leave the shelter yesterday, because we have nothing to help him with at all, on the contrary, the longer he stays with us, the more harm we do to him. 

We don't know what it will be like in a house, but we like to believe that an animal so intelligent and so worked, that knows basic ways of communicating with people, will be able to adapt easily.