He still has the innocence and purity of a puppy, and now that he has reached full adulthood, his character is this. Eddie is innocent, he's the dog you trust to treat everyone and everything like, "We're friends, huh?"

At the same time he has the intelligence of a dog that can learn everything, really everything. He has an incredible ability to understand what you want him to do, if you guide him correctly.

He will walk beside you on the leash, sit down, look you in the eye and wait for confirmation and guidance from you. It is a wonderful dog, which has been slow to mature.

Or maybe it seemed to us that he was slow to mature, because he is the kind of dog that if you deal with him and help him educationally he will triumph, if not he will get bored, and will find his own ways of relief.

And in the shelter, exclusivity is something that all dogs lack, and this lack prevents them from becoming the best version of themselves. Still, when he's excited, you can see in his behavior what he was like when he was a puppy.

Once you properly explain to him that we no longer behave like this because we have matured and can enjoy other things now, things that big dogs enjoy, he understands it IMMEDIATELY.

If you show him something correctly, you won't have to show it to him a second time. It is a very intelligent dog, which can really be perfect, as long as someone has the will and will to deal with him properly. E

He had joined us from the municipal kennel of Sparta in 2022, as a stunted puppy, and has become unrecognizable. He's vaccinated, neutered and healthy, he's ready to follow you everywhere, in everything you do and what you want to teach him, and he's looking for his forever home.

VIDEO 1 (his story)

VIDEO 2 (how he is today)