Eddie came from the public pound of Sparta with his sister, Bonsai. Two tiny wolf dogs, which we named after the hyenas of Lion King, because as they were skinny with matted fur they looked more like wild puppies that someone tamed, and even tamed them very well.

When Eddie first came, his hind legs were stunted and crooked, probably due to malnutrition, but nothing stopped him from being a happy, sweet baby, running and playing like a puppy.

Over time, his legs improved, Eddie fattened, got stronger and prettier. The only thing that has not changed on him is the love he has for people, his appetite for life, and the kindness in his heart.

She is a sweet puppy, very loving and very cute. He has an incredible passion for life, has an appetite to learn, he has all the qualifications and all the will to become a pet, to live with a family, to give and get all the love he was deprived of in the first months of his life.