This little girl probably once lived in a home, and now she spends her days alone in a cage, and we can offer her very little.

Almost nothing of what he really needs can be taken out into the shelter.

Lisa is a very human centered god. As soon as she sees you passing by, she looks you in the eyes and waits for how and how to pay a little attention to her.

She is so happy every time she has a bit of human companionship that her whole face shines.

She sits, she gets up, she sits again, she looks at you, whatever you think she wants her to do is ready to do it, and if you start stroking she falls down, melts and lets you caress and caress.

She is a dog that needs people and is ready to dedicate itself to anyone who gives it even a little love. It belongs to a house and a family, not to a cage. Help her find what she needs and what she deserves