Litsa is a classic Greek hound, with long funny ears, long nose and this black and tan combination in her fur, characteristic of the hounds of Greece.

With dogs like Litsa, our grandfathers used to go hunting, and they still do. Generations and generations of such dogs have lived here, worked, spend their lives chained to barrels and sheds. And most of these dogs still live this way.

Such a life might have been expected by Litsa. She would grow up like this, work, age, and perhaps at some point she would come into our hands as an elderly, sick, and scared dog.

She has no idea how luvky she is, that she escaped from such a life, and came to us only five months old, fresh, happy, and as crazy as she must be for her age, as carefree as she should be.

She is a loving and cute puppy, she has no worries, no hesitations, no imprints from the life for which he was intended.