The daily routine on your walk with Luna will be as follows. You will walk with her, and her grey fur will go back and forth, as will her ass too, for she has no tail, and heads will turn to look at you all the time.

Cars may also brake in the middle of the road for drivers and passengers to stare at her.

You will be stopped by random people and asked to pet her - because does this dog have something that your hand automatically wants to go and grab the fur, and then they will ask you "sheepdog puppy huh?", and you will answer "no, an adult.


Luna is like a dwarf sheepdog, with an incredible coat, a unique face, and as if that wasn't enough, nature still has inspiration finishing the masterpiece, which gave her a blue eye.

The dog is beautiful, and it is also a very good dog.

We brought her from the municipal shelter of Tripoli because we fell madly in love with her, and as much as we enjoy her, at the same time we promote her for adoption with a heavy heart (no lies, we gladly promote her. She deserves the best home, she does not belong in the shelter)