Mary probably lived all her life tied to a thick heavy, rusty chain, covered with a piece of green rubber in the spot around her neck.

He was freed from this torment and came to us to have the opportunity to live a life as any dog deserves, not as a sadist forces a dog to live. 

She is a beautiful and sweet dog, still trying to understand what it means to have her basic needs met – needs she didn't even know she had. Good food, safety and warmth, and a basic daily routine that includes doing things with people, working with them and trusting them. 

She will need time to balance mentally, for now she is functional, and she is happier than she has ever been. She gets along very well with other dogs, and they help her start engaging with people for now. 

With proper guidance, patience, and basic training without haste and without demands that she cannot cope with, she will become even more balanced and even happier. 

She is treated for erlichia, anaplasma and heartworm- legacies of her previous life.