He is incredibly sweet and the sweetest thing about him is that little hesitation he has when he first sees you.

He wags his tail non stop, he is so happy to have human presence around, that he does not stop smiling and shaking back and forth. It seems that his heart wants to run towards you and meet you, but at first he has a hesitation, as if he is not sure that it's allowed allowed.

Slowly, he gets closer and closer. He circles you wagging his tail, takes three steps forward and one back, and finally reaches you. It takes him five to ten minutes, and he sits next to you and loves it so much that you pay attention to him. 

Montana and his (probably) brother, Tony, were among the smallest dogs we got from the public pound of Sparta. After he got stronger and recovered from his skin condition, and he ate well and got love, it was as if he became a puppy again, while when he first came he looked old.

Montana will love you very very much. The moew he hesitates the first five ten minutes to come to you, the more he will adore you after, once he realizes that you only want to be his friend.