Emm.. We don't know how to describe it. At first the dog should be about three four kilograms, and in the photos it looks like ten kilograms and. Maybe because of the face.

He has those mustaches and griffon eyebrows, which are common in older dogs perhaps.

He also has two funny ears, small but real. When he's not sure about something, he makes them back and forth, so far back that they disappear, and so he looks like an owl.

Another characteristic of his that further enhances the owl image is of course the eyes. Let's not describe them, you can see them...

Murphy was found on the street. Abandoned. Seriously.

He is sweet and tender. Sometimes he is a little scared, but when you let him know that there is no reason, then he opens up and rejoices. He's funny.

What's not funny is that he's probably grown up like a lot of small dogs, in a house, without walks, without having learned the toilet, without having learned much. 

He'll probably need training on some basic things like going to the toilet, and sterilization will definitely help him a lot.

Is he vaccinated, neutered and healthy, and looking for his forever home. A house where, despite its size, it will be treated like a dog, not an ornament.