Daisy is now unfolding her character, and she's probably now starting to learn herself.

She has the curiosity, the cheeckiness and all the grace of the very small dog, and as she runs and moves around you, you want to catch her and squeeze her. But as soon as she realizes that you want to catch her, she gets away. But she never goes too far. She stays around there, around your feet, around your field of vision, so to make you want to squeeze her even more because she plays hard to get.

She is very intelligent, and can do everything for food (and learn everything). She came to the shelter with her three babies, and since then she has been wandering around like a mascot, and she rejoices so much and so discreetly and gracefully that we can't get enough of looking at her.

She needs someone who will give her some time and some space to trust. She is almost ready to believe that people are good. Maybe inside her she already believes, she just doesn't show it yet.