She was in the public pound of Sparta in a box. The dog was inside a box. Looking from outside, we thought the box was empty, and at some point a white head moved from the inside.

Entering in the next day, we found her like that, half inside half out. She had eaten the wires and had taken out her head in order to breathe. Opening the door of the box from the front we found that its length was half what it looked like. The box was split in two, essentially two boxes into one, and Padnora was crammed into one of them.

The scariest thing wasn't even that. Opening it, we found out that she has been there locked up for days, weeks even. Locked tightly, inside her toilet essentially, and we don't want to describe in more detail. you get the point

She runs free now and can't get enough of her freedom. Ιt's pretty obvious why we named her Pandora. She is a very social asn sweet dog, that loves life and is willing to learn and to collaborate with humans. When she is totally relaxed, she lays down and shows you her belly and lets you pet her for hours.