Patrick was handed over by his owner, who could no longer take care of him, and unfortunately, from where he had lived his life in a house, he ended up in the shelter, and in a daily routine that stresses him.

It is an energetic dog, with energy that must be released. It needs daily and proper exercise and relief daily, both physical and mental. It is not the dog that will be happy with a simple walk in the neighborhood. He is very receptive to training, and he is really interested in learning new things and new ways of communicating, and working with people.

He loves to play with the ball, and it is a great way to defuse himself and at the same time bond with his man.

It does not get along at all with male dogs, and it is not the dog that will make dog friends easily, nor does it need it. She could live with a sociable and mild-mannered female dog, but it would be ideal to be the only pet in the house.

He is vaccinated, neutered and healthy.