Raisha found the door open to a hotel in the province that is undergoing renovation, approached hesitantly, was thrown some food at her and ate as if she had never eaten. He entered one of the rooms that was open, lay down on the bed, and did not move from there for five days. He would go out once a day just to go to the toilet outside, go back to the warmth, and sleep.

She came to Athens, where he was fostrered in a home, and was treated for ehrlichia canis. She is now healthy, spayed and ready for her forever home. 

If we could summarize her attitude in one sentence, it would be "relax, the sun will rise tomorrow"

Raisha is quiet, clean and incredibly easy, cool and relaxed. She is the dog that we can say with without any hesitation that she is the perfect pet, and that from the first day she comes home with you, it will be as if it has always lived there. 

She has lived with cats, with which he gets along perfectly. She gets along perfectly with dogs, gets along perfectly with people, is excellent at home, clean and quiet, is excellent in the car, is excellent at the vet, is excellent on the leash, is excellent in the shelter. 

We have nothing else to say. The only thing Raisa is not, is a dog for people who want to do daily hikes and take the dog with them when they go for a run. She is not an energetic dog. Not at all. She is a dog that will hang out all day on the couch, go out for quiet and relaxed walks, come home and hang out on the couch again. 

She is so quiet that in the first few days she may seem to you that she might be ill. Believe us, she is not, she is healthy. She has benn tested for everything and there is nothing wrong with her. She is just that quiet, and that cool.