The best dog in the world is called Renos.

He sits like a gentleman at the doctor because he has manners, even though you never taught him anything (or maybe just because of that) and plays like a happy, carelfree puppy. He also lies down as you stroke his belly and he is glad that you are there and that you love and take care of him.

In our TNR campaign on April 22 in western Greece he came for neutering and when we tried to release him again on the streets where we found him he ran after us as if he was our own dog and did not understand why we were leaving without him.

Releasingna dog back on the streets always makes our hearts a thousand pieces, and especially for some dogs it is simply impossible. We put him back in the car and took him with us.

It has all the qualities to become the perfect dog. The dog that will walk next to you on the leash as if only you and he exist in the world, the dog that you will take with you for coffee and will sit by your side like a gentleman, quiet and silent, the dog that will not make a kich to the doctor, to the car, to visits. 

Even when his group at the shelter is in the yard, and twenty or so dogs are running up and down or jumping on you for petting, Renos is the ONLY dog who comes and sits next to you, like a good kid, as if that's what he knows he has to do. 

Whether you're taking pictures, dealing with other dogs, or just sitting and drinking coffee and looking at the view, Renos is sitting there with you, because he's the dog whose mind has an innate one thing, say whatever my man does, I'll accompany him, because that's what I have to do.