Whatever you want to do, Scratch will follow you, and he will do it with pure and simple dog joy. He is a pure, cheerful, good dog.

His head fits within a child's hand, his body is skinny and fit, his coat velvety and his heart too.

He is a dog with whom we have laughed a lot, in various occasions, because this joy in combination with his round eyes and his squeak make you want to laugh. He is a bit like a cartoon at times.

But he is also a very tender and good-natured creature, who wants and has all the skills to be a good pet dog, he is communicative, cooperative and above all a faithful companion and friend.

Scratch loves, trusts and believes in everyone and everything. In his tiny body hides a big heart, and he will be very happy if this huge heart of his, is devoted one day to his own family.

He is vaccinated, neiutered and healthy.