When he was just a few months old, thin, malnourished, sick and scared, we took him out one day in the vet garden with his brother. He was a scared baby who had never felt safe since the day he was born.

He began to go back and forth in the garden, timidly.

He wanted to come to us, but he was afraid, and he circled us, lowering his head and hesitating. Finally he reached our outstretched hand, with hesitation but also a bravery. It was a huge decision for him to trust, and he made it.

And then he felt the caress for the first time. And he let go of it, and began to cry. We caressed him and he cried, as if he couldn't believe what he was feeling, as if he was grieving for all the previous months of his life that he had lost both caress, and security, and warmth.

Sheldon went through a lot to recover, but he never lost that tender reluctance. It is a dog of mild tones, calm and sweet, which enjoys caressing in a way that reminds us of that first time we petted him. It's as if he can't believe it. 

Their brother has been adopted, he has not. No one has ever asked for him, and those who were interested backed down, mainly because they feared he would be a dog with multiple health issues that they would not be able to cope with.

However, a dog that since he was a baby has managed to survive starvation, mange, parvo, leishmaniasis, and lately patella dislocation, is a very strong dog.

Sheldon is not a good looking dog, and that plays a big role in the fact that he hasn't found a home yet, but he's a dog with a very beautiful soul that you'll love and he'll love you.

VIDEO with his story