Among the many puppies we got from the public pound of Sparta was him. So we thought at least initially, but the little one is not a puppy.

Toby is a young, adult doggie, and when he first came he was so small and cute that he looked like a 3-month-old puppy. His hind legs were then bent and looked odd, but that didn't stop him from running and playing as if nothing was happening.

Toby didn't have to have surgery. His hind legs have improved a lot, they will forever stay a little more crooked and a little shorter than the rest of the dogs, but this does not affect him in anything.

He's a happy kid. He's a kid. And happy. Toby is the little dog that makes you laugh, that makes you want to play with him, the doggy that makes you forget whatever unpleasant happens to you, and just enjoy the joy of life.

It's the butter dog that lets you smoosh him, hug him, carry him around. He has an incredible trust in people, as if they are all his friends from school and as if life is an eternal weekend.