He roamed around like so many abandoned hounds like him, somewhere in the countryside, somewhere in one of those places where dogs don't feel like they belong anywhere.

They don't belong to anyone, they don't belong to any village, they don't belong to this world.

He stayed for a few days with some people who were vacationing in the village.

And for those few days, Stavros went out for a walk normally, peed and pooed outside, then happily returned home, ate and stayed quiet at home with them, or alone, without doing a single damage, without disturbing, and without ever having his voice heard.

He is a sociable and sweet dog, which at first waged its tail timidly and did not approach immediately, no matter how much it wanted.

Over time he learns again how people are good, becomes more and more sociable, and more and more good.

Once he completes his treatment for leishmaniasis, and becomes even more gorgeous again than he is today, he will be ready for his forever home.