Timothea will enter your house, take a seat on the floor, and stay there, looking at you and wagging her tail. When she gets tired of wagging her tail and following you with her gaze, she will fall asleep. 

If while she is lying down you go to pass by her or over her, she will turn your belly to bend down to caress her, and after caressing her, you can continue on your way. 

If you call her she will wag her tail, almost stand up, and come down as if creeping, until she reaches you to caress her. After you stop stroking her, she will lie down again, next to you or a little further. 

It has a perfect balance between tenderness and untouchableness. It's neither the dog that doesn't care, nor the dog that constantly annoys you to get your attention. She is the dog who during the day will sometimes remind you how much she loves you, will wait for you to remind her too, and in the meantime she will be calm and relaxed.

She is a very cooperative and submissive dog with people, whom she adores - she even adores strangers on the walk, and this is something she should slowly moderate (she does not have to expect caresses from every unknown x she meets on her walk)

On the leash he tends to pull, but with proper handling and a special harness for starters, which is necessary, he will learn not to pull. 

Timothea is a dog that we would recommend even to new owners who have never had a dog before, as long as they follow some basic things that we will advise them. It is also ideal for someone who works 8 hours a day and wants a dog that can manage without problem being left alone at home for so many hours. 

It is located in hospitality, in a house with 3 dogs and 3 cats. He cohabits fine, cats are completely ignored, but if he is to live with another dog the owner must have a lot of experience, a lot of knowledge, be able to set limits