Something between Pinser and mongoose, with a pointy nose, two round beads for eyes and some discreet creases on the edge of the mouth, which make him look like he's dry-swallowing.

There you go, we've described Tony to you in appearance. He's a tiny boy, lilliputian on the body, and funny on the face. The funniest thing is when he concentrates so much on the delicacy that his eyes become twice as high, his head stays motionless, and waits there, sitting, like a good boy, with the attitude of the good boy, and a heart ready to be dedicated to you forever.

This doggie is a happy, funny creature that wants so much to learn, to understand, and feel the human contact, and shows it every moment, in every way.

He is ALSO quite cuddle. And he is ALSO young, and he is looking for a home. He came from the public pound of Sparta  with his twin brother, Montana.