Blind dogs have something special. Living with them, you can't imagine what it would be like if they could see. The lack of vision becomes so much part of themselves, it shapes the way they move and communicate, the way they perceive the world, that in the end the dog you love is this. The dog that he does not see, not the dog he would be if he saw.

Chloe is about a year old. Essentially she's still a baby. She lost her sight very young when at some point she suffered from hepatitis - which is very rare, so rare that we have never seen it before. With treatment she managed to regain a minimal percentage of her eyesight. She sees something. Maybe he sees shadows, maybe some shapes, and probably has a sense of perspective.

When she is in a place she knows, she moves normally, so much so that you wonder if she is indeed almost blind, she runs and plays as if nothing happens, and this happens with all blind animals.  

When she is in aun unknown place, she needs a little more guidance, and a little patience until she feels this new place, and understands it with the rest of her senses.

Beyond that, she is a sweet and amazing creature, as are all dogs like her. Velvety, tender and airy. And when she feels at home she runs like crazy, to the point where it makes you wonder is she is a fully seeing dog.

She does not suffer from hepatitis, he is just a carrier. It is not contagious, nor is it as frightening as it sounds. She needs some monitoring, and her eyes need treatment with eye drops, but she is essentially healthy. And she is looking for a home.