He had countless adoption requests, and we spent the last two months in a permanent Scottish shower - Lawrence booked/Lawrence cancelled/booked/cancelled/booked/cancelled etc etc etc.

There are dogs that no one ever asks for, until one day there is a single person who says "I want this", and this man is the ideal one. And there are also dogs for which we do not have time to answer messages and phones, and they eventually get left behind.

Lawrence was born somewhere in the summer of 22, and besides being white and handsome is all the other things that a puppy of this age is. He rejoices, jumps, runs, sits, gets up again, makes one command, does not make another, wants to live, do everything, learn everything, love you and show you as he can and as he thinks.  

Yes it's white, with a pink nose and pink lips, and he is like he's come out of advertising, but that's not all. He is also many other things that are not found in appearance, but in character.