We LOVE SHEEPDOGS, but those sheepdogs that reach us are already adults, and most of them we find sick and hungry. Sheepdog puppies at their fluffiest age, those who are still babies but at the same time have become whole dogs in size, and combine puppy and dog we are not lucky enough to find often.

And here we are one day, when we are doing out TNR campaign in western Greece, and he comes in. With a black large head, all round and compact, and white body, with this fur that is fluffy, and soft like a baby's, and this body that has already begun to grow and pour all over. A little clumpsy, a little funny, and very very cute.

And we fell in love, of course. The amount cannot be expressed in words.

Philip (from Filippiada, where we lived while we were neutering) is a puppy big and fluffy, and he sits down and you pick him up and you hug him and you put your face in his fur and you squeeze him and he is happy and he goes back and forth with his thick paws and he is wonderful.

We adore him. He's great. We adore him. (the needle stuck). We adore him so much that when we are with him we fight because we say to each other "come on give me some"

He is a puppy in which you see roughly the dog it will become when it grows up. A big, loving baby, kind and perfect.