At first glance you do not notice her, she looks like many other dogs.

Then, little by little, if you see her alone and sit down to observe her, she would start to look more and more beautiful and more and more special.

She has very tall legs and a slim body, which make her look incredibly elegant.

She has a coat that is very glossy and smooth, which makes you want him to caress it to see if it really is as soft as it looks.

And on her face she has an incredible sweetness. It may be her nose that is this brown that looks almost pink, it may be her eyes that are wet and seem to have a sadness.

The whole dog seems to be delicate, sensitive and kind. Ruby is an even-tempered dog and very sweet. She is sociable, without becoming annoying, and she is tender, without becoming demanding. 

The situations that stress her, when she has to do something new, for example, she faces them with an internalized hesitancy, and then she looks even more beautiful than she is.

She walks perfectly on the leash, gets along very well with other dogs, is very young, fresh and ready for a forever home.