These small, hairy dogs, when they end up in the wrong hands and reach our hands with jeans, dirty and hungry, bleed our hearts.

Underneath all the neglect, Kika had a huge heart, which hid inside her all the cuteness of the world.

Even when she was hairless and thin, she ran to greet us, stood up on two legs to reach us, and wagged her tail which was like a mouse's tail.

We imagined her running like this with her hair long, freshly combed and soft, and we were smiling on our own.

Kika went through various stages until it became what it is today. After he came to us with hairy places places. And we thought then that the dog was white, it got a haircut and was left like that without any wool for some time. And under the hair, we found that her skin wasn't white. 

When the first hairs started coming out, they weren't white either! It was all colors. But all. And white, and black, and brown and beige, and Kika began to become like an abstract painting. 

It is a very anthropocentric dog, whose checkmate movement is to jump on two legs and hug you. If you're sitting, he reaches out and kisses you, if you're standing, he gets you on the knee somewhere. 

So he has a coat-painting, he has personality, the only thing he doesn't have is a house.