We named him of Rio, without thinking much about it, which means river in Spanish. Then we discovered that there is an Argentinian school, the Río Abierto (open river) which is essentially a method of expression through movement and dance, which reveals new movements for our body, activating muscles and joints that we would not normally use.

In very simple words, Rio Abierto tells you "move and dance without thinking about how you look and what image you present to others. Move and dance as you feel, not as you think you should feel." The name couldn't have suited him better.

Rio moves, with legs, tail and hair pouring out here and there, seemingly without any rhythm, but with the consequence of always being himself, and expressing what he feels. 

He is incredibly handsome, and he is a puppy. He will run, he will jump, he will drive you crazy, and then he will sit still and look at you with this look, wise and at the same time naive.

He is a dog that makes you think he cannot learn anything, but that learns everything, as long as you have patience. He is a very human centered creature, with a thirst for life, for contact, and for experiences.