Laika grew up in a home, and lived there for the first years of her life. She lost her family because her people couldn't take care of her anymore. He has not lived like a hound, he has lived like a pet, and so, from a pet, he ended up in the cage.

Sometimes they say you have to take a step back before you take a step forward, and this setback we want to believe is for Laika an opportunity to find her forever family, and start living (again) as she deserves.

She is a tender and kind creature. Just as she is tall, thin, and impressive, she takes her for a walk and it's like having a fawn next to you.

We don't have much more to say about this girl. She is very good with other dogs, very sociable and loving with people, and indifferent to cats (as far as we know so far at least). 

Whatever kind of home she ends up in, she will beautify it because she is like a painting (just look around your space and imagine her sitting in a corner; doesn;t it look better with her in it?).